Treat Yourself Shoppe​™ is a division of Healthy Products Shoppe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Campfire Marketing​™. We look forward to providing our customers with the same great customer service, care and concern they receive from their favorite wholesalers. Retailers may contact us via email at or use the above form.

Retail Orders

Our best-selling products like B.P. Balance Plus​™, VP Reducer​™, Glucose Formula​™, Prostate Formula XP​™, Cholesterol Formula XP​™, Canna-Crystals​™, Super Formula​™, Teas & Tisanes, are available at retailers & heath care professionals throughout the U.S.A. Please contact us for the name of a retailer or health care professional near you who stocks our products. Or inquire at your favorite retailer and have them contact us .



Wholesale Orders

retailers can easily place wholesale orders by contacting our corporate headquarters by email or the above form.

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A division of Healthy Products Shoppe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Campfire Marketing

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