BP Balancer Plus


The #1 and most-effective herbal
formula on the market!

The best-selling and most-respected professional-strength formula available anywhere! Formulated with our exclusive blend of herbs, our nutraceutical product helps people around the world with lowering their blood pressure, with no known side-effects.

Best-selling formula!

Our B.P. Balancer Plus is the BEST-SELLING and MOST-RESPECTED professional-strength formula available anywhere! And at the best price! Countless customers since 1987 have trusted Treat Yourself Shoppe's products, and have benefited from our original and proprietary formula. It truly is the BEST!

Got high blood pressure?
B.P. Balance Plus

Has all natural ingredients and herbal formula components.



B.P. Balancer Plus has been known to:
  • Help dilate the blood vessels and increase blood circulation.

  • Help support the strengthening and the relaxation of the heart.

  • Help support circulation.

  • Help improve rest and sleep patterns.

  • Help effectively regulate the pulse rate and strengthen the heart.

  • Help improve rest/sleep for those with rest and sleep disorders.

  • Help reduce dizziness, headaches and fatigue.

  • Address the cause, not just the symptoms.

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